Weduc back to school offer

Purchase the Weduc communications platform this September and the first 25 subscribers will get a free 12 month subscription to one of the following:

(September Only - Terms & Conditions Apply)


Parents Evening Booking System

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Ease the admin burden of parents' evenings


With Parents Evening Booking System, you can make life easier for both parents and staff by:

  • Alerting parents instantly, and have them book their appointments on their mobile device.
  • Reminding parents of upcoming appointments.
  • Eliminate children screening their own appointments.
  • Allow teachers to add notes in real time on the evening.




Your school's very own Custom Branded App

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Stand out from the crowd with your brand

Make your Custom Branded School App look and feel exactly the way you want with customisable colours, styles and logos.


Maximise parent uptake

A Custom Branded School App makes parents more likely to download it, meaning you can engage with them faster.



And that's on top of the full Weduc platform, which includes:

  • Free, unlimited in-app messaging and alerts.
  • SMS texts & unlimited email too.
  • A social-media style Newsfeed.
  • Calendars and reminders.
  • Payments system.
  • Home learning.

  • Parent Portal displaying student information.
  • Registers and absence management.
  • SEND info area.
  • Online 'self service' forms/surveys with digital signatures.
  • Integration with all leading MISs, including SIMS write-back.


Interested? Please get in touch:

T&Cs - the fine print

This promotion is only available for purchase orders for Weduc received in September 2021 and based on a 3 year contract. Customers can chose one of the two options only.

The value of this promotion cannot be transferred. Prices subject to change and VAT.