Join the parents' evening revolution!

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Be prepared for any situation with online booking and video calls.


With Weduc Parents Evening Booking System, you can make life easier for both parents and staff by:

  • Alerting parents instantly, and have them book their appointments on their mobile device.
  • Reminding parents of upcoming appointments.
  • Eliminating children screening their own appointments.
  • Allowing teachers to add notes in real time on the evening.
  • Providing data reports so you can analyse popular time slots and attendance.
  • And with video appointments, you can ensure your school is ready for any eventuality.

 PLUS!...Purchase the Weduc communications platform this September and the first 25 subscribers will get a free 12 month subscription for our Parents Evening Booking System! 

(September Only - Terms & Conditions Apply. If the new customer already has a parents' evening booking system they can choose a custom branded school app as an alternative.
Please note that video appointments are in addition to the subscription).



And that's on top of the full Weduc platform, which includes:

  • Free, unlimited in-app messaging and alerts.
  • SMS texts & unlimited email too.
  • A social-media style Newsfeed.
  • Calendars and reminders.
  • Payments system.
  • Home learning.
  • Parent Portal displaying student information.
  • Registers and absence management.
  • SEND info area.
  • Online 'self service' forms/surveys with digital signatures.
  • Integration with all leading MISs, including SIMS write-back.

Interested? Please get in touch:

T&Cs - the fine print

This promotion is only available for purchase orders for Weduc received in September 2021 and based on a 3 year contract. Customers can chose one of the two options only.

The value of this promotion cannot be transferred. Prices subject to change and VAT.