July & August 2021 Summer Promotion

We're giving away 10,000 FREE SMS Texts plus unlimited Texts to Enrol your parents 

And we'll guarantee they won't have an expiry date!

We're on a mission to reduce admin burden, costs and digitise school communications.

So, to support schools in achieving the highest parent uptake of the Weduc App, we're giving each school 10,000 Free SMS/Texts as well as Unlimited Free Enrolment Texts/SMS too.

Your 10,000 free texts will not have an expiry date, so if you haven't used them all, the remainder will carry over into the next year.

Any text credits used to Enrol your parents on to the Weduc App will be completely FREE and Unlimited as we support you to achieve the highest parent uptake.

All other communications by In App Notifications and Email are FREE and Unlimited - 'It doesn't get much better than that'.



Some of the many features of Weduc:

Full School Branding

* Unlimited telephone support

* Messaging Suite

* Embed Images and Videos

* Newsfeed with Social Media Integrations

* Parents Evening Booking System & Video Calls

* Home Learning, Payments & Forms/Surveys

* School Hub - Link Up All Other Tools

* Register, Absences and Reports

* Website Integrations

* SIMS read & write back integration

* Integrations with all other MIS's

Talk to one of our product experts on 01509 221349 or fill in the form below.

T&C's The Fine Print

This promotion is only available for confirmed signed contracts to the Weduc Smart Communications platform during the months of July & August 2021

The value of this promotion cannot be transferred or used in conjunction with any other offers. Prices subject to change and VAT.