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Why not help us grow with our Referral Programme and grab up to £275 for your School




4 easy steps...

Step 1: Complete the form below

Step 2: We'll call you to get the details of your referral

Step 3: Weduc will contact your referral to arrange a demonstration

Step 4: After the demonstration, we'll arrange for a £25 Amazon Voucher to be sent to you

If your referral likes what they see and joins the Weduc family, we will send you a further:

£250 donation to your School

There is no limit to the amount of Referrals you can provide - the more the merrier!!!

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The Fine Print

Our Referral Programme has been designed to reward customers who introduce new Schools and MATs to the Weduc Parental Engagement system.

Your School will get a £25 Amazon Voucher reward for the introduction once the referral school completes a product demonstration. In addition you will receive a further £250 reward once the referral school subscribes to the Weduc service. Please note; this programme does not include Referrals for Trusts with more than 2 schools - these will be dealt with on a one to one basis (you will still get a reward though).

New customers need to sign to a minimum 3 year contract.

The Referral Programme is a scheme that operates separately to Local events and webinars that may be organised between Weduc and a Trust/School.

All Referrals will be placed on our Referral Register and be audited accordingly.